Insta Friday: Rome

Trip across the borders in todays Insta Friday. Visit to the eternal city of Rome, the main sites and ice cream :-).

Travel theme: Festive

Theme Festive for Travel theme during advent time. What should I put in? I already wrote about Prague Nativity scenes, Christmas Markets at the Old Town, Christmas Crafts Markets and Czech Christmas Ornaments. What should I write more about Christmas? I decided to go for another Festive theme. In September I was in Rome and by coincidence I saw some festival there, which looked strange and funny for me. Here are the pictures from this feast. At Piazza Venezia we met a group of strange dressed gentlemen, they had hats decorated with feathers from fowls tails, some special traditional and honorable uniform. The Mayor of Rome was also present.

Men with feathers hats

Men with feathers hats

Then we walked to Colosseum, and listened to some music we saw big group of musicians in uniformas coming around us.

"Red" musicians

“Red” musicians

And the third, soldiers with fowls tails on the hats were coming, performing music, and then dancing special and short dance (therefore I didn’t managed to make movie with it :-(), after which they left to Colosseum direction.

tails singers and dancers

Fowls tails singers and dancers

So that was my festive meeting with “fowls tails” celebration in Rome.


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