Winter Walks (7) – Yards of the Old Town (1)

This post can be either in Night Walks or Winter, as I went out at the evening and it was freeezing :-). But still it was very beautiful to visit hidden yards and places just around the Old Town Square. Finally I decided to split the photos to before and after dark. And this post is about the before-sunset one :-).

I was happy to have a chance to visit the premises of the Monastery of Minor Brothers next to the Saint James Church at the Old Town. Its best years were in 14 century, when the weeding dinner of Czech King John of Luxembourg and his bride Elisabeth from Royal Czech Premyslid family (parents of Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV)) took place, next wedding celebration was the one of John and his second wife Beatrix. You can rent this place even now :-).

The refectory / ceremonial hall.

With its beautiful courtyard:

Paradise court of the monastery.

And even better pictures at the gallery:

After the visit of the monastery I have just wandered around the area, where originally meat and fish markets used to be, so the names of the streets will not surprise you – Masná (Meet st) or Rybná (Fish st) – and also the house signs reminds you of this business.

House U Podvinů

From Týnská street is also nice view to the spires of the Church Our Lady in front of the Tyn (Ungelt), or as we call it shortly Tyn or Ungelt, even thought the Tyn (or Ungelt, which is the same but in German and we historically use both names as synonyms) is in fact the courtyard behind the church.

Tyn church.

From Týnská street you can visit hidden courtyards.

Týnská 15.

Take a seat. Or not?

And as the dark is coming, you can also see the ceilings through the windows in enlightened interiors.

Look at the ceiling.

And finally some warming up in my favorite Cathedral Cafe.

Cathedral cafe.

Look through to its courtyard.

Cathedral cafe.

Winter Walks (5) – Kampa

Not much words about this well-known part of Prague, just pictures with winter atmosphere :-).

Vltava river from Legie’s bridge, see Vysehrad on the horizon.

Lock on the river, next to Children’s island (nice to visit btw), behind the lock one of the best jazz cluba – Jazzdock.

Freezing river, but its too warm to freeze completely, this is maximum.

Finally the Kampa island direction, the building is former Sova’s mill, now Museum Kampa of modern art.

Another one, now you can see Charles Bridge and the Old Town on the other side of the river.

Former fish restaurant, not working after the floods.

Babies next to Kampa Museum, author: David Cerny.

The park is beautiful even in winter.

Certovka – the Devil’s streem.

Blue Fox house sign on the Estonian Embassy building.

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Winter Walks (2) – Vysehrad

Vyšehrad (“higher castle”) is so connected with Czech history and the oldest legends from father Czech coming to Bohemia and settling here to be the place of the last resting place (as we call the cemetery) of famous Czech people. Vyšehrad is located a little bit far from the main touristic attractions, that can be the reason why it is so much loved by Czech people, visiting the place in every season, during day and night and enjoying its quiet space. Visiting beer garden (in summer), jogging, walking dogs or kids.

I visit this place often and in this cold but sunny day I decided to visit it with my camera. But I haven’t made the most popular pictures, just some views from Vyšehrad, and then I oriented more at the cemetery and church.

Vyšehrad is now a fortress, surrounded by walls and couple of entrance gates. The main entrance (Tabor’s gate) is followed by Špička (Top) gate, you will find just part of it, as the original gothic gate is gone now, and what remained is occupied by information center with model of Vyšehrad area. And finally there is the baroque Leopold’s gate to enter the area.

Tennis courts under the bastions and Leopold’s gate

Just behind the gate you will find one of the oldest buildings in Prague, the rotund of St. Martin, three of the remaining rotunds in Prague area.

St Martin’s rotund

I never miss going to the view to the South of Prague, where Podolí quarter is. Silver river is beautiful and unlike the Central area of Prague (around Charles Bridge), the river is quite narrow and deep here. If you have a chance to listen the music composition My Country by Bedrich Smetana, listen (at least) to the part which is called Vltava, and when you hear the royal fanfare, it means the river enters Prague under Vyšehrad rock.

River coming to Prague from the South

The I walked around Vyšehrad on the rampart with more views and finally there is the view to the Prague Castle.

The rampart walk with the church at the back

One more river with sport island and little port

Prague Castle and the whole city center in one view

St Peter and Paul’s basilica is wonderful piece of architecture, completely rebuild in puristic Gothic style by Josef Mocker at the end of 19 century. Surprisingly the interior is very colorful and decorated in art nouveau style.

Gallery (click on the picture to enlarge it)

After visiting the church I found myself wandering through the cemetery of famous Czech people, finding the names and tombs which I skip the other times, so lot of them were “new” for me as well. I love the cemetery as there you can learn a lot about our history, about our traditions, about our clever people, inventors, musicians, and others. And it is not only about people who are buried there, but also the tombstones itself are art pieces by popular artists, showing who lies underneath.

Gallery – click on the picture to see the full size

From Vyšehrad I descended to the river to make a picture of the less photographed cubist house and the to Náplavka next to the river, which was empty today but for weekend it changes to be the favorite farmers market place.

Gallery – click on the picture to see the full size

Josef Chochol cubist house under Vyšehrad

Náplavka on Vltava river

Náplavka with sauna on the river

Stairs up to the street

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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

I chose one day in my life for Weekly Photo Challenge. To be more precise, I chose January 23, 2013. That day I decided to go to Prague castle for photographing Golden Lane, before it is the opening time, because at that early time the Golden Lane entrance is for free and the place is not crowdy. Prague castle was almost deserted and some of my shots were used for post Lost In the Details.


Prague Castle and Golden Lane

St. Vitus cathedral was deserted as well at the opening at 9 am, tourists were not yet there, and then the first group appeared.


St. Vitus Cathedral, first tourists

I decided to go to the Kupka’s exhibition, but as it opened at 10 am, I had one hour walking around Prague Castle district and shooting, the shots were then used for Cee’s Foto Challenge.


Walking around Prague Castle District (Hračany)


National Gallery and Kupka’s Ehibition

Kupka’s exhibition was really great and I loved the National Gallery hall, the place is newly reconstructed. It is located at Hradčanské square and two palaces were connected by the new hall to extend National Gallery. The palaces are: Schwarzeberg’s one with permanent exhibition of Czech Baroque art and Salma’s palace (also called small Schwarzenberg’s) with temporary exhibitions such as the Kupka’s one was.

After the exhibiton I went down to Little Quarter by New Castle Stairs, I saw the shooting of TV news from Castle, I talked to old friend of mine close to the British Embassy 🙂 and finally I took more shots and some of them were used for Time Travel Theme, it was the hidden street one.


Walking down from Prague Castle

I also visited St. Joseph and St. Thomas Churches.


Churches at Little Quarter

It was coffee time, so I went to the best cafe in Prague and had a coffee, and tea, and some dessert … some other shots were also taken for my Tower series here.


The best coffee or massage?

Crossing the Charles bridge brought more shots for Black and White Challenge and another Tower of Prague.


Charles Bridge

At the Old Town I went for the bus home and I made only few more shots that were used for Green Travel Theme. Waiting for the bus I made the last shot, shot of the presidential candidate (the unsuccesful one, but highly supported by most of Prague people), his snow version.


Libuše and snowmen

Weekly Image Of Life: Getaway

For this week’s Getaway I take you to Prague parks. All shots were done at the same month and the same year, in November 2010, the first one in November 14 and the second one in November 30.

First gallery is from the place of my childhood, still in Prague easily reachable by subway, but already at Prague borders. Lovely Ďáblice háj (Devil’s wood, where Devil’s = Ďáblice is the name of the quarter of Prague 8), place where we were going to play, for a walk, to country ski, definitelly great getaway when you don’t have much time to leave Prague.

Click on picture to enjoy the full size in the gallery:


Rieger’s park is almost in the city center, but still nice walk. You will find nice views there, Beer garden (in summer), place where you can walk your dog.

Click on picture to enjoy the full size in the gallery:

Travel theme: Mountains

I am not that much a “mountain woman”, but I have some nice shots from the Alps in Italy and I will share them with you for the Travel theme: Mountains. In case I would ski, I would definitelly go to this place for skiing and not just for enjoying the sun and sceneries at the mountains. But enjoying is also a big fun :-).


Corvara Boe


Porta Vescovo Arabba

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Weather

I love snow in Prague. Right now we have in Prague the weather you can see on my shots for A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Weather. I combined the shots that were done with and without flash. I want you to see the difference between them and choose which one is better. Usually I prefer shots without flesh, but here I like the ones with snowflakes taken with flash more.

Snowflakes at the Square of Republic are so big that you have to keep your eyes closed :-).


Snowflakes at the Square of Republic

The top of the Wenceslas Square with a horse statue and St. Wenceslas, meeting place for Prague people. Meetings are mostly planned “bellow the tail” (of the horse). Big building behind is the Czech National Museum.


St. Wenceslas on the horse

More walking in the snow at the Wenceslas Square.


The traffic signs are reflective.

On the right side of the shot is a House of Fashion, opened during communistic regime to prove, that we (means: communistic countries) also have nice fashion and House of Fashion was the place where to buy it (for whole Czechoslovakia). On the other side of the square was a House of Food, similar, but not the only place with food in CS, but the only place with delicatesses.



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