Weekly Image Of Life: A Mother’s Love

A few shots from our family album for A Mother’s Love Challenge. The best mum in the world is on the first gallery, with her only child (me).


My mum and me

Our first beloved dog, Tabitha, with her first children Fanynka and Bertik, they grew up in a perfect dogs, already getting old now.


Tabitha and her Tiffany (Fanda) and Hubert (Bertik)

Fanynka with her own children and one foster, from Tabitha, she was not able to care about it, maybe you will find the smallest youngest one :-).


Fanynka (Tiffany) with her own herd (Sára, Andy, Kačka, Žanynka)


Travel theme: Dance

I want to dedicate this week’s Travel Theme: Dance to my friend Gaga from Yemen. I met him in Yemen, where he was our guide. He took us to the small village in Haraz mountains, where he grew up and where he started his career as a dancer of traditional dances. See him on the two bottom shots with yellow/black scarf on his head.


Musicians and dancers in Haraz mountain, Hajjara village (photos by Jarda Dohnal)

Few years later he came to Prague to visit us and one evening we spent with my parents. Dancing in Yemen is a mens business, so my father joined Gaga for dancing and we had a lot of fun.


Dancing in Czech-Yemen style

But the biggest fun came later, when our Fanda couldn’t resist just watching and she entered the dance, so keen, even standing on her back legs (sorry, too quick and no chance of making a picure :-(). She enjoyed the dance a lot and we did as well, watching her.


Fanda rules!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red and White

When I bought my first digital camera it was the year of Cow Parade in Prague (2004). Therefore I spent weekends at the city collecting shots of all cows, and after few weekends I fulfill my task. Only two cows that were destroyed before I was able to make their pictures are missing in my collection. For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge I chose the right coloured ones.


Flower cow


Red and white collection


Cheese cow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

So many options for the Challenge: Home. Finally I decided to stay in Paris from tomorrow and go for the shot from Paris Gardens, specifically from the Jardin des Plantes, which are really beuatiful. On the shot you can see a special home for insects, different “appartments” for different insect kinds to fit their specific needs as best as possible. I really like it.


Home for flying insects

Check also this post of my beaufitulthing :-).

More from the Jardin des Plantes you can find here:




Travel theme: Gaudy

After going through my archives back and forth several times I decided to post only this one (double) shot of a dog who I met in Paris, at Montmartre. I think he fits the theme Gaudy perfectly :-).


Gaudy doggie

Travel theme: New

The travel theme for this week is New. First, I read the topic I decided to visit Prague ZOO and make a picture of our new gorilla baby which was born Dec 22, 2012. I can responsibly say it is a boy, as just today ZOO has published this information and if you are interested, you can participate in finding him a new name here. More about Prague’s gorrillas family you can read in one of my previous posts about My best animals.

From top left: alphamale Richard, Kijivu with new baby, Kiburi - older brother, Bikira, Kamba in expectation (please keep your finger crossed, the situation doesn't look good with her and her baby), Shinda

From top left: alphamale Richard, Kijivu with new baby, Kiburi – older brother, Bikira, Kamba in expectation (please keep your fingers crossed, the situation doesn’t look good with her and her baby, she didn’t eat and didn’t sleep the last week), Shinda

I visited ZOO yesterday (Jan 2) and I was lucky to see the little baby, but as the family was sleeping, there would not be a lot of interesting photos. See what I get :-).

Little baby in safe arms of his mother

Little baby in safe arms of his mother

I need more “NEW” and I have one more. In another post about Surprise I wrote about my visit to Stockholm. I kept secret from you one of my biggest surprises there. Now I unfold it. During our very short visit of Christmas Markets we were robbed. Someone opened our small backpack and took my ZOOM camera object lense. Not really a nice surprise …

But why I am writing about it now? During Christmas I got a new – bigger – ZOOM lense and I used it yesterday for the first time, therefore everything I took with it is NEW as well :-).

Animals  details reached with new ZOOM.

From ledft top: surricati posing for the shot, yawning otter, arguing flamingos, kissing pinguins

From left top: surricati posing for the shot, yawning otter, arguing flamingos, kissing pinguins

With ZOOM you can also make shots of Prague Castle and Petřín Tower from ZOO.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

And even you can take New year’s fireworks above the center of Prague from Prague suburb.

New Year's fireworks

New Year’s fireworks

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your 2012 Best People or Animals

If you read properly the Challenge at Cee’s Challenge you find that you are supposed to post here your best shots from 2012 year. I decided that I will change the challenge for myself. I will not put here the best shots but the shots of my best people and animals. And as my most favorite and best people are my family, who would not like me putting their pictures on the blog, you will see now the shots of my most favorite animals. I hope you won’t mind this small cheating :-).

My most favorite animals are our small dogs, Tiffany and Hubert. We call them Fany and Bertik, respectively, and they are really beautiful and smart and beloved.

Fany is half an hour older and she is explorer, flegmatic, has her own head.

Fany just leaving for some garden exploration

Fany just leaving for some garden exploration

Bertik is a sweetheart, very responsible, loves hugging, needs to have everyone (specially Fany) under control, looks like embryo when sleeping.

Betrik chceking if someone is coming to caress him

Bertik checking if someone is coming to caress him

They love each other, always kiss in the morning.

Sleeping on the sun and big fans on the petanquie tournament (unfortunatelly our team lost ...)

Sleeping on the sun and big fans on the petanque tournament (unfortunatelly, our team lost …)

The other important animal family, which is stupendously popular not only in our family but all over the Czech Republic, is the gorilla’s family in Prague ZOO. The family is very famous specially due to the project Big brother, where the cameras were installed at gorrilla’s place and till then we can watch them 24 hours a day. The Big brother show lasted few months and Richard (alphamale) won, but fortunatelly the cameras have stayed and we can still watch them on internet here.

Richard, head of the family, year 2003

Richard, head of the family, year 2006

The family consists of the head male Richard and his wifes – Kijivu, Kamba, Shinda and Bikira. Few days ago (Dec 22, 2012) Kijivu gave birth to her fourth child, looks like it is a third boy. Kijivu is very succesfull mother. Her first child, girl Moja, was born in 2004 and from the end of the last year she lives in a new family in Cabarceno ZOO in Spain. In fact she’s expecting a baby around March (we are waiting when the camera will be installed in Cabarceno? :-)). Moja is a real star in our country, the first gorrilla baby born in our ZOO.

Moja, two years old, year 2006

Moja, two years old, year 2006

The next baby born was in 2007 year, mother was Kamba, but baby died after the birth and the life of Kamba was endangered as well. That’s why there is prepared big team of vets and also human doctors and obstetricians now, as Kamba should give birth to a new baby any day and we are afraid of her.

The third child was Tatu, who was a cute and beautiful boy, unfortunatelly he died by accident in July 2012 and it was a big tragedy. Here you can find a picture of new born Tatu, mother Kijivu and sister Moja.

Tatu, about one year old, 2007

Tatu, about one year old, 2007

The third Kijivu’s baby is Kiburi, the only baby in our gorrilla family till the last week. Kiburi is a sweet boy, you can see him in a short movie from the beginning of 2012 year, his older brother Tatu is also seen there, at the beginning and at the end of the shot.

Kiburi, age about 2 years, 2012

Kiburi, age about 2 years, 2012

The next baby was Tano, but unfortunatelly his mother Bikira was not able to take care of him, as she didn’t grow up in a happy gorrilla’s family (she came to Prague only 2 years ago), so now Tano lives in Germany in gorrilla’s kindergarten, but he looks very happy there. See the gallery here and very funny movie shot here.

From Dec 22 we have a new baby born, you must check the movie here, it’s really cute! And also lots of pictures on that page. I will visit ZOO in short time, to have my own shots :-).

Kijivu in expectation, Dec 3, 2012

Kijivu in expectation, Dec 3, 2012

Now we keep our fingers crossed for Kamba and her new baby that both of them would happily survive the birth!

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