Today I want to take ayou for a visit to one of the nicest Open Air museums Rumšiškés. It is located in Lithuania, on the hill above Kaunas sea (lake, in fact :-)). Museum was opened in 1966 and it has about 50 buildings mapping the village life in 4 parts of Lithuania. I love wooden buildings and wooden crosses, the place is so lovely. Enjoy my shots.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

One day in Dubai gave me enough shots for Pattern Photo Challenge. That day we came to Dubai with car, parked it by the creek and just bellow the parking house there was a beautiful souk (market) with spices, teas, esences, fragrances and other smelly and tasty thinks.


Spice market

From spicy souk we continued to the gold one, where you can find all the gold jeweleries in shapes and patterns you can think of.


Gold market

Finally we took abra (boat over the creek) to the other side of the water to see fabric souk, with beautiful, colorful, glittering fabrics with embroideries. I just loved it :-).


Fabric market 1


Fabric market 2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Colorful gallery for Weekly Photo Challenge, graffiti zone at Prague Těšnov.

Weekly Image Of Life: Easter Time

Today I have some shots connected with Easter in Czech Republic and Prague for Weekly Image Of Life: Easter Time.

Despite the fact that Czech Republic is very secular country, also here we have Easter services, this one from St. Salvator Church at Klementinum complex.


Easter Ceremony at St. Salvator Church, Klementinum

Mostly the feast is the great opportunity to decorate city squares and have Easter markets, as this one at the Old Town square.


Old Town Square – Easter Market

“Kraslice” are the real egg shales. The name comes from the Czech word “krásný” = beautiful and “krásný” comes from Slavonic/Russian word “krasnij” = red. Look at the next gallery and you won’t be surprised, that kraslice are mostly red. There are many decoration styles, every village has its own style and method and ornament shapes, which are used for centuries.


“Kraslice” – Easter Eggs

Important for Easter Monday, “pomlázka”. Pomlázka is a stick made from willow canes and the word comes from: “mladý” = young, “omladit/pomladit” = make younger. Therefore, on the Easter Monday mornings boys are visiting girls and they make them younger with their “pomlázka’s” and girls are giving back the eggs and ribbons. Look at it from other perspective here.



About Czech Christmas gingerbread tradition you can read here, and for Easter we have special gingerbread shapes as well :-).


Easter Gingerbreads

Eggs are all around us, also like a colorful candles.


Eggs od candles?

And easter time is also important, as the spring is coming to Czech Republic and flowers start to bloom and smell, it is beautiful!


Spring is coming

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

When we travel, we do not go All Inclusive, as we spent most of the day travelling the country and not in the hotel complex by the pool or at the beach. Therefore, the All Inclusive would be unavailingly profligated. But for our honeymoon we found a newly opened hotel with very nice prices in Tunisia on Djerba island, so we enjoyed the All Inclusive programme there. See some shots from our lunchtime for Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime.

The offer was really huge and it was quite difficult to choose our dish.


Salat bar

Something lighter.


First courses

Our dishes through the week.


You think it is easy to go just for one style?

Moroccan theme lunch


Moroccan dishes

Something sweet.


Yes, I tasted it all … and it was delicious

And this was our most favorite drink, mint tea with pine seeds.


Tea with pine seeds – lovely

A Word A Week Challenge – Hat

A Word A Week Challenge – Hat challenge is very good for me, as I love hats and all the head covers, I have quite a lot of them in my closet and I wear one every day. But I wouldn’t bother you with photos of my head with hat, so I chose three collections for you.

The first one is a commercial for Staropramen brewery in Prague and I like it a lot. Staropramen beer is for everyone :-).

Prague Staropramen beer caps

Prague Staropramen beer hats

The second collection is from my favorite Baltic states, most of them are from Tallinn market. Next time I am there I will definitelly go for one!

Baltic Tallinn Hats

Beautiful colorful (mostly) “hats” from Tallinn market. The bottom right is from Lithuania, castle Trakai

The last shot is from Prague Christmas Crafts Markets and there I already was succesfull, one of them I wear this winter. See the earings bottom right and left from them above the black hat with red string there is a blue-green one and that’s the one I have bought.

Prague Christmas Market

Prague Christmas Market Hats

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors I take you to South Bohemia with its beautiful towns, fresh air, colorful nature, places I really love and visit often. BTW preparing this post made me want to go there immediately :-).


Colorful streets of České Budějovice

We will start in České Budějovice, city, which was founded in 1265 by famous Czech king Přemysl Otakar II. It is the biggest city in the region and it has a stunning old city center. I love the small craftshops there.


Patchwark cushions and colorful soaps


Pomlázka and spring flowers

Spring is the perfect time for visit, but you can go there anytime. In spring you can admire a local market with flowers and colorful “pomlázka”, the beautiful and colorful things at view. They are done from willow twigs and decorated with colorful ribbons. They are used on Easter Monday, when boys have to help girls to be fresh next year with beating them with “pomlázka”. And finally the boys are given with the easter decorated eggs.


Glass earings and pendants


Market at Třeboň square

Another ravishing town in South Bohemia is Třeboň. Třeboň is a spa town, with a small beautiful center, a brewery with the best beer, renaissance castle and ponds with big carp culture tradition.
Easter Markets are very colorful here as well, I love all the glass jewelery that can be found there. You can guess how many earing pairs I have … And after the visit of the center, castle, castle gardens, brewery and spa you can go to the pond Svět (= “World”) and make a tour in one hour around the World on the boat.
If this is not enough, you can go to visit gothic Schwarzenberg’s sepulchre and chapel, which are worth seeing. On your way back you should come along the Golden Canal,  which goes throught the whole pond region and supply the ponds with water.
For refreshement visit Regent brewery pub or Šupina restaurant on the ramparts.


Glass earings


Colors eye-catcher

Last but not least is Český Krumlov, a wonderful place written in UNESCO World Heritage List. The town is mighty placed at the Vltava river meandr, with big castle and cute city center, look at my previous post about the city here. Every time we are there we have to visit a music shop, where they sell our favorite Putumayo music with lovely colorful covers and harmonized music selections from all over the world. In small shops you can find here jeweleries with unique Czech Vltavín (Moldavite) stone, often combined with Czech Ruby. This region is also a seat of the color factory for colored crayons and all other color types for artist, the name of it is Koh-i-noor.


Putumayo covers

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