Please find my photo blog about Vilnius with lots of shots and juste a few words in Czech about Vilnius.


Vilnius, gothic complex of churches so beautiful, that Napoleon wanted to take them home with him

Vilnius is a capital city of Lithuania and it is beautiful baroque city, with cozy atmosphere and nice streets.

Please follow the link here: Vilnius.


Today I want to take ayou for a visit to one of the nicest Open Air museums Rumšiškés. It is located in Lithuania, on the hill above Kaunas sea (lake, in fact :-)). Museum was opened in 1966 and it has about 50 buildings mapping the village life in 4 parts of Lithuania. I love wooden buildings and wooden crosses, the place is so lovely. Enjoy my shots.


A Word A Week Challenge – Hat

A Word A Week Challenge – Hat challenge is very good for me, as I love hats and all the head covers, I have quite a lot of them in my closet and I wear one every day. But I wouldn’t bother you with photos of my head with hat, so I chose three collections for you.

The first one is a commercial for Staropramen brewery in Prague and I like it a lot. Staropramen beer is for everyone :-).

Prague Staropramen beer caps

Prague Staropramen beer hats

The second collection is from my favorite Baltic states, most of them are from Tallinn market. Next time I am there I will definitelly go for one!

Baltic Tallinn Hats

Beautiful colorful (mostly) “hats” from Tallinn market. The bottom right is from Lithuania, castle Trakai

The last shot is from Prague Christmas Crafts Markets and there I already was succesfull, one of them I wear this winter. See the earings bottom right and left from them above the black hat with red string there is a blue-green one and that’s the one I have bought.

Prague Christmas Market

Prague Christmas Market Hats

Weekly Image Of Life: Places

This summer it will be already five years, when I visited port Vergi for the first time. Immediately I fell in love with the place but I can’t explain you why. Maybe it was the weather and clouds, maybe the water, maybe the feeling of freedom … Most probably all these together and what is strange, my husband fell in love with the place too. Last summer we went there once more, with our family and small dogs, and the feeling was there again.
Port Vergi is a small port in natural park Lahemaa in North Estonia, you can park your yacht here, there is a small restaurant and hostel opened during summer. But I think this info is not that important, beacuse it is the feeling, which is inside me when I remember port Vergi. I hope you will be able to feel it at least a bit from my shots.

Post is written for Weekly Image Of Life: Places.


Sea, restaurant / hostel, port


View from restaurant


Wanna take a boat?


Pub and delicious food there, no I don’t mean our dogs, I mean the bottom line


Stones at the sea

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood

The third element in Cee’s Challenge is Wood. I invite you to visit places where you can find beautiful wood art works. We will start at the north, in Lithuania, where we will visit lake natural park Aukštaitija with its Beekeeping Museum. The next stop is in Neringa (also Lithuania), in a small village called Juodkranté, where is “witches” hill with lots of wooden sculptures, place full of stories, history and creativity. Finally I will take you pretty far to Yemen, to wadi Hadramawt, around town called Shibam, maybe you have heard about Desert Manhattan? I will show you doors, locks, door latches carved from the wood.
Beekeeping museum in Stripekai and wooden statues showing bee and/or honey connected moments, beehives.




Bears robbing wild bees for honey


Wooden bees and honeycombs


People working in woods, honey god

Hill of Witches in Juodkranté, nice walk through the wood with lots of statues.




Musicians and devils


Faces, gods and totem

Wadi Hadramawt, Shibam.




Locks and wooden windows


Door latches or other door connected wooden objects

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

Drops on the web

Drops on the web

The second element for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is water. I remember one day when I was with a group of students at the trip to Baltic states, and the first morning – it was quite yearly yet – we visited the Centre of Europe (Europas Centrs) in Bernotai, close to Vilnius in Lithuania. The place is nice itself, hidden in woods by the new golf course. The European centre point is a few hundred metres from the parking lot and now you can see, what we saw that early September morning all around us. In this post I really recommend to click on the shots to see the details properly, it worths it.

Silent morning

Silent morning

Getting closer

Getting closer


Beads, spiders worked hardly all night to make it in time for the morning dew



Travel theme: Glass

This week’s Travel theme is Glass. I love glass, I visited lots of glass factories and Czech Glass – Crystal, metallurgic, blown – is really beautiful. You can read about one type of Czech Christmas Glass ornaments in one of my previous posts here. Today I am going to write about my other loves. First, I love bottles, mainly old colorful bottles (emtpy ones :-)) with embossement. Second, I love Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – read my post about it here) and one place I really enjoyed to be was Estonian National Park Lahemaa at the North coastline of the country.

I love this

I love this

My glass shots will take you to maritime museum in a small village called Käsmu. During summer there are really really long days in Estonia, and as there is still the light at the late evening, you are not going to sleep, because why to go to sleep during the day? Therefore, I was wandering around the village at about 11pm when I found a big house, Sea Museum, that was opened and I went in. I was taken by all the beautiful glass bottles in windows, and now I share them with you.

ezt zt

Getting closer

Looking through the window.

WIdows full of bottles

Widows full of bottles

I am asking, who drang them all?

Green collection

Green collection

And not only glasses.

How many greens do you know?

How many greens do you know?

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