Český Krumlov – Five-Petalled Roses Festival

Renaissance Walk

Český Krumlov is a small city in South Bohemia, two hours drive from Prague (you should definitelly look up this city on wikipedia). I visited the city for the first time just a few years ago, and I fell in love with it, so I have to visit it at least once a year. Can be summer or autumn or spring or winter (my first visit was in winter), the city is always beautiful and magic. My last visit was in June this year, at the summer solstice, when the Five-Petalled Roses Festival took place there. The atmosphere here was as at renessaince times, people dressed in ancient dresses, music on the streets.

City on Vltava River under the Castle

We visited the place just for few hours, we haven’t seen the fireworks at the Friday evening, not even the gala parade on Saturday. But we enjoyed it a lot.

Look who you can meet during the festival and who can scare you pretty well at the main square!

Town and Castle were constructed from the late 13th century at a ford in the Vltava River. The town was owned by the House of Rosenberg, they had the five-petalled rose in their coat of arms. The dynasty was one of the richest in Czech Kingdom and it was expected, that king will come from this family, which didn’t happen during the long history. Because of debts Petr Vok had to sell the castle and the town to the emperor Rudolf II in 1602.

Castle Courtyard

The city was then given to House of Eggenberg and you can still find there a medievel brewery, which produce beer till now. The last owner of the Town was House of Schwarzenberg.

Past meets modern

You can enjoy the city several ways, we prefer sitting in the cafee, but you can also take a boat.

On the River

You can enjoy the food, typical Czech, or in South Bohemia the fishes are great.

Soon the typical Czech potato soup will ber served in these breads

Be carefull not to became a food yourself!

Castle guard after nice lunch.

Český Krumlov is definitely the place you have to enjoy on your own.


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