Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Squares and Angles

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge was very difficult  for me, I was almost going to skip it. I was going through my archives not being able to find something interesting. But then I did it. I found a nice collection of details of the walls of my beloved renaissance town of Český Krumlov. Look at some of my previous blog about the town, it is really worth seeing: Festival of Five Petalled Rose, Colors of South Bohemia or Roads in South Bohemia.

Cesky Krumlov buildings

Decorated renaissance buildings in Český Krumlov

For Squares and Angles I chose the renaissance details of the building walls. Now we call them “envelopes”, but originally they were ment as 2D projection of 3D stone, of which the buildings were built in antique architecture, as you can see at this old original building in Rome at Forum Romanum (left side of the shot).

Rome_Forum Romanum

Rome, Forum Romanum palace

And here is the collection of squares and angles for you.

Cesky Krumlov walls

Details of the renaissance walls at Český Krumlov

One more from Třeboň, combination of curve and square.


Passage ceiling at the square in spa town Třeboň


Travel theme: Roads

There were two months without a sign of sun and finally the sun has come to Prague this weekend and now it shines strongly through my window. And I can’t think about any other place but South Bohemia and I hope I will get there asap with my family. Therefore, for Travel Theme: Roads I take you there again, like in my previous post for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors. South Bohemia has very fresh air, beautiful nature, colorful towns (yes, I wrote about it last time, I am  just full of it…). Look at the roads in woods and fields there.


Roads of South Bohemia

In the Rainbow post I invited you to take a walk around Golden Canal in Třeboň, here you have a picture how it looks there.


Walk around Golden Canal in Třeboň

The orientation in the nature is simple here, you just follow the touristic signs.


Tourist walk signs in Czech Republic

Another nice walk – combination of city and nature walk is around Vltava river in Český Krumlov, you can also go by boat there.


Walk around Vltava river on Český Krunmlov

For another theme Industrial I took you to the tour through breweries, and one of them was Platan (=plane-tree in English) brewery, named after plane-tree alley. This alley leads to the brewery premises, here is the picture of this beautiful place located in town Protivín.


Plane-tree alley, view from the brewery gate

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors I take you to South Bohemia with its beautiful towns, fresh air, colorful nature, places I really love and visit often. BTW preparing this post made me want to go there immediately :-).


Colorful streets of České Budějovice

We will start in České Budějovice, city, which was founded in 1265 by famous Czech king Přemysl Otakar II. It is the biggest city in the region and it has a stunning old city center. I love the small craftshops there.


Patchwark cushions and colorful soaps


Pomlázka and spring flowers

Spring is the perfect time for visit, but you can go there anytime. In spring you can admire a local market with flowers and colorful “pomlázka”, the beautiful and colorful things at view. They are done from willow twigs and decorated with colorful ribbons. They are used on Easter Monday, when boys have to help girls to be fresh next year with beating them with “pomlázka”. And finally the boys are given with the easter decorated eggs.


Glass earings and pendants


Market at Třeboň square

Another ravishing town in South Bohemia is Třeboň. Třeboň is a spa town, with a small beautiful center, a brewery with the best beer, renaissance castle and ponds with big carp culture tradition.
Easter Markets are very colorful here as well, I love all the glass jewelery that can be found there. You can guess how many earing pairs I have … And after the visit of the center, castle, castle gardens, brewery and spa you can go to the pond Svět (= “World”) and make a tour in one hour around the World on the boat.
If this is not enough, you can go to visit gothic Schwarzenberg’s sepulchre and chapel, which are worth seeing. On your way back you should come along the Golden Canal,  which goes throught the whole pond region and supply the ponds with water.
For refreshement visit Regent brewery pub or Šupina restaurant on the ramparts.


Glass earings


Colors eye-catcher

Last but not least is Český Krumlov, a wonderful place written in UNESCO World Heritage List. The town is mighty placed at the Vltava river meandr, with big castle and cute city center, look at my previous post about the city here. Every time we are there we have to visit a music shop, where they sell our favorite Putumayo music with lovely colorful covers and harmonized music selections from all over the world. In small shops you can find here jeweleries with unique Czech Vltavín (Moldavite) stone, often combined with Czech Ruby. This region is also a seat of the color factory for colored crayons and all other color types for artist, the name of it is Koh-i-noor.


Putumayo covers

Český Krumlov – Five-Petalled Roses Festival

Renaissance Walk

Český Krumlov is a small city in South Bohemia, two hours drive from Prague (you should definitelly look up this city on wikipedia). I visited the city for the first time just a few years ago, and I fell in love with it, so I have to visit it at least once a year. Can be summer or autumn or spring or winter (my first visit was in winter), the city is always beautiful and magic. My last visit was in June this year, at the summer solstice, when the Five-Petalled Roses Festival took place there. The atmosphere here was as at renessaince times, people dressed in ancient dresses, music on the streets.

City on Vltava River under the Castle

We visited the place just for few hours, we haven’t seen the fireworks at the Friday evening, not even the gala parade on Saturday. But we enjoyed it a lot.

Look who you can meet during the festival and who can scare you pretty well at the main square!

Town and Castle were constructed from the late 13th century at a ford in the Vltava River. The town was owned by the House of Rosenberg, they had the five-petalled rose in their coat of arms. The dynasty was one of the richest in Czech Kingdom and it was expected, that king will come from this family, which didn’t happen during the long history. Because of debts Petr Vok had to sell the castle and the town to the emperor Rudolf II in 1602.

Castle Courtyard

The city was then given to House of Eggenberg and you can still find there a medievel brewery, which produce beer till now. The last owner of the Town was House of Schwarzenberg.

Past meets modern

You can enjoy the city several ways, we prefer sitting in the cafee, but you can also take a boat.

On the River

You can enjoy the food, typical Czech, or in South Bohemia the fishes are great.

Soon the typical Czech potato soup will ber served in these breads

Be carefull not to became a food yourself!

Castle guard after nice lunch.

Český Krumlov is definitely the place you have to enjoy on your own.

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