Travel theme: Costume

I love costumes, I love dressing up for some special ocassion and I really love taking vintage photos.
A few years ago we visited Bulgary, we travelled around the coutnry and several days we spent by the sea at small town Pomorie. I really enjoyed the atmosphere there, specially evening walks on promenade and by the sea. Fortunatelly, the first evening I found a special stall, where they had a lot of beautiful colorful dresses and they were doing vintage photos.


Promenade and colorful dresses

We were looking in astonishment how a family with small girls were carefully dressed up, every little detail was handled.


Family getting ready for the shot

And finally I made my husband to go for a photo as well.


Choosing the right costume and dressing

The next day, as we went for the final photos, we were watching another family being taken, really great again!


Great family shot

So I made my husband for one more photo!


Our two shots, my husband is astounding in uniform

And as a result we have two beautiful photographs taken hundred years ago :-).


Final vintage shots


Travel theme: The Four Elements

I decided that for The Four Elements Travel Theme I will not present here four different shots, but I chose one shot which combines all elements in eternal balance :-). The shot was taken in South Moravia (Eastern part of Czech Republic) in Lednice, are with beautiful castles and also nature gifts, water-tables, forests, meadows.

The earth is represented with trees and small mountains at the back of the shot.

The air is shown at the sky and clouds.

Water is the lake bosom and fire is the sun hidden behind the clouds and reflecting in the water.


Four elements

Travel theme: Beaches

Last month I visited one beach, which was very nice and interesting for me, I am going to share it with you for this week’s Travel Theme. At south England, close to Porstmouth and Southampton there is an island called Isle of Wight. At this island there you can visit an Osborne house, complex, that was built for English Queen Victoria, her husband Albert and their family. Part of the properties is also beach, at which the Queen learned to swim.


Osborne beach

For getting to the water she used a special carriage, that brought her to the water directly from the beach.


Bathing machine

More info about it you can find on this shot.


Made for a queen

Unfortunatelly the day we visited the beach was very cold and cloudy, so we were not able to swim, but at least we were collecting nice stones and shells.


At the beach

Travel theme: Dance

I want to dedicate this week’s Travel Theme: Dance to my friend Gaga from Yemen. I met him in Yemen, where he was our guide. He took us to the small village in Haraz mountains, where he grew up and where he started his career as a dancer of traditional dances. See him on the two bottom shots with yellow/black scarf on his head.


Musicians and dancers in Haraz mountain, Hajjara village (photos by Jarda Dohnal)

Few years later he came to Prague to visit us and one evening we spent with my parents. Dancing in Yemen is a mens business, so my father joined Gaga for dancing and we had a lot of fun.


Dancing in Czech-Yemen style

But the biggest fun came later, when our Fanda couldn’t resist just watching and she entered the dance, so keen, even standing on her back legs (sorry, too quick and no chance of making a picure :-(). She enjoyed the dance a lot and we did as well, watching her.


Fanda rules!

Travel theme: Light

For Travel Theme Light I have for you some more shots from my Winter Airing at Prague Castle, more can be found at one of my previous posts here.

The first gallery is the game of the light at Prague Castle, shadow and light, sun above the Krocín’s fountain at the second courtyard and the third you have already seen, but it is so beautiful that I show it again, sun coming through the stained glass window in St. Vitus Cathedral


Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

And when you walk down from Prague Castle, you can see the buildings’ shadows on the opposite site of the street, thanks to the light; sun under the Charles Bridge in Čertovka channel and sunset from the Charles Bridge.


Walking down in Neruda street and over the Charles Bridge

Travel theme: Benches

Benches of Prague Castle Palace Gardens during the year for Travel theme. For more about gardens look here.

Winter gallery

Autumn gallery

Travel theme: Pale

Pale colors can be really beautiful and for Pale Challange I take you to the United Arabic Emirates, to the beach and to the desert.

February 2010, not so warm and not so sunny, empty beach and sand and sea.


February morning at the beach


Morning at the beach

Later before noon, Jumeirah Sailing Club and the views to Burj Al Arab and Atlantis hotels.


Burj Al Arab, Beach Jumeirah


Hotel Atlantis

Trip to Abu Dhabi, Grand Mosque from Carrara’s marble is beeing built yet.


Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Early evening, back on the beach.



Evening at the desert.


Sunset in the desert

Travel theme: Smoke and Mirrors

For Smoke and Mirrors I take you to the beautiful nature in South Bohemia. Just nejoy the walk through the forest around South Bohemian ponds.


Spring is coming 2011


Puddles after winter


Quiet pond


After the winter


Misty morning


Morning fog

Travel theme: Time

Time is this week’s Travel theme. I have for you just a few of Prague’s sun dials. The first one is from the Little Town in Prague. One from the main square…


Little Town Square, Malostranské náměstí

… and this one is really hidden and to find it you have to ask me for getting you there. In case you visit Prague and you find it on your own, make a shot and send it to me :-).


Hidden street

For this one you would have to be as lucky as we were with my husband to get to the monastery garden at Strahov, read more here.


Strahov monastery, secret garden

This clock can’t be freely visited as well, as it is in the yard of the Hospital Na Františku in the Old Town. It is located in a less visited part of Prague, but when you go to St. Agnes Convent for Exhibition of Gothic art, take a look at this one, but do not disturb the people in hospital. The second is not sun dial, but it is so beautiful and from the same place that I post it here :-).


Yard of the Hospital at St. Francisco (Na Františku)

To see this one you have to climb Astronomical Tower at Klementinum, as I did for my post here.



My bonus shot is from London, from the place called Seven Dials and when you are there, find all seven dials on the square. You will find six of them on the top of the column (the small metal rounds on the spire), but where is the seventh one?


London, Seven Dials

Travel theme: Green


Prague green detail from Spalena street

My most favorite color was always blue and then pink. But now greens start to take their position, mainly in respect of color of my clothing, but not only. Therefore,  Travel Theme: Green was not that difficult for me, as I have been trying to map the green color in Prague streets. I already showed you the “color of Prague” for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and green is the second one, see the result.
A few shots from Golden Lane, more can be seen here for Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details.


Golden Lane details in green


Prague houses, all the shades of green

_Prague_in_green_Little Quarter_lesser town

Little Quarter


Roofs, wine restaurant, green details

My new shoes for spring, hope it will come to Prague.


My new shoes

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