Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lines

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lines I have just 4 shots for you, all from this winter in Prague.

Small detail of the bar at the Old Town Square on the very rare occassion that sun was shining (20 hours during the whole winter). When it shines, it is so beautiful!


Prague Old Town Square – detail

The winter was (still is) very cold this year in Prague, despite the few hours of sunshine there is still some snow on the streets and at the gardens, specially where the shadow is. That’s what I like on this shot, the snow lines in the garden :-).


Snow lines

Here was even more snow, stair/snow lines at Prague Castle at the stairs to the garden Na Baště.


Stairs at Prague Castle

My first (photo) visit to Hard Rock Café in Prague brought this shot of ” bead lines” chandelier.


Prague Hard Rock Café


A Word A Week Challenge – Parade

This year’s Prague Mardi Grass parade for A Word A Week Challenge. Every quarter has its own style, the shots are from the first celebration at the Old Town Square, where masks from all quarters were present.

Gallery: Click on the shots to enjoy better view of shots.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

For Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense I take you to visit the newly opened museum. It is Museum of Karel Zeman, famouse Czech movie maker, located by the Charles bridge at Kampa Island. Karel Zeman (1970-1989) was follower and interpreteur of Jules Verne, whose works he made into movies and who was Zemam’s inspiration. Looking at all the modern movies and tricks it can be funny to see, almost like trying to compare Star Wars 4-6 to Star Wars 1-3, but you can feel the poetry and the art of old Zeman’s movies. Enjoy some short documents from youtube:

In English, but not the best quality:

I love this Karel Zeman’s quotation: “…even if the world in future is technically perfect, it needs love, it needs poetry, it needs magic …”. My shots from the museum and also short movie.


Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea from Jules Verne


Man on the moon, Stolen Zepellin and other

Weekly Image Of Life: Getaway

For this week’s Getaway I take you to Prague parks. All shots were done at the same month and the same year, in November 2010, the first one in November 14 and the second one in November 30.

First gallery is from the place of my childhood, still in Prague easily reachable by subway, but already at Prague borders. Lovely Ďáblice háj (Devil’s wood, where Devil’s = Ďáblice is the name of the quarter of Prague 8), place where we were going to play, for a walk, to country ski, definitelly great getaway when you don’t have much time to leave Prague.

Click on picture to enjoy the full size in the gallery:


Rieger’s park is almost in the city center, but still nice walk. You will find nice views there, Beer garden (in summer), place where you can walk your dog.

Click on picture to enjoy the full size in the gallery:

Travel theme: Time

Time is this week’s Travel theme. I have for you just a few of Prague’s sun dials. The first one is from the Little Town in Prague. One from the main square…


Little Town Square, Malostranské náměstí

… and this one is really hidden and to find it you have to ask me for getting you there. In case you visit Prague and you find it on your own, make a shot and send it to me :-).


Hidden street

For this one you would have to be as lucky as we were with my husband to get to the monastery garden at Strahov, read more here.


Strahov monastery, secret garden

This clock can’t be freely visited as well, as it is in the yard of the Hospital Na Františku in the Old Town. It is located in a less visited part of Prague, but when you go to St. Agnes Convent for Exhibition of Gothic art, take a look at this one, but do not disturb the people in hospital. The second is not sun dial, but it is so beautiful and from the same place that I post it here :-).


Yard of the Hospital at St. Francisco (Na Františku)

To see this one you have to climb Astronomical Tower at Klementinum, as I did for my post here.



My bonus shot is from London, from the place called Seven Dials and when you are there, find all seven dials on the square. You will find six of them on the top of the column (the small metal rounds on the spire), but where is the seventh one?


London, Seven Dials

Prague Towers (11) – Žižkov TV Tower


Žižkov Tower from bellow

Žižkov’s TV tower is the highest building in Prague. It is 707 ft (216 m) high and it was built in 1985 – 1992 according to the design of architect Václav Aulický. You can find it on the Prague horizon from almost any view point 🙂 and when you go for visit, it is located at the border of Prague quarters Žižkov and Vinohrady. Construction consists of 3 cylinder steel tubes, together they reach the height 440 ft (134 m). The main tube with two fast lifts continues as an aerial that is 707 ft high.

Tubes carry three cabins each. There is a restaurant at the height 217 ft (66 m) and view point at 93 ft (305 m). The highest cabin is the broadcaster for 11 TV and 8 radio programmes.


View around, don’t miss Prague Castle on top right shot

Building of the tower brought lot of disputations, because of the proximity to Jewish cemetery and the threat of etherial burden of its surroundings, but special committee approved the construction. The technical solution of construction brought few new technologies and patents. Except the broadcast you can find there the transmitters for phone operators and the quality of Prague air is measured there.


At the view and going up with the lift

Babies, the art work of David Černý, were added to the tower in 2000, movie scenes from some Czech movies were shoot here.


The golden line in the middle is the bridge over Nusle valley

Žižkov tower is the second most ugly construction in the world according to VirtualTourist.com (the first one is Baltimore Theatre), but inhabitants of Prague got used to the tower and according to my own opinion and experience, we like it :-).


Enjoyable stay at the coffee with a view

Tower was reconstructed in 2011 – 2012, you can find a luxurious hotel suite there with a beautiful view. Changes were done also to the surrounding area and I recommend the visit of the tower.


Plečnik Sacre Coer church top left, jewish cemetery bottom right, and many others roofs and views from the tower

The whole series to be found here

1 Introduction
2 Bell Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral
3 Petřín Watchtower
4 St. Nicholas Bellfry
5 Little Quarter’s Bridge Tower
6 Old Town’s Bridge Tower
7 Astronomical Klementinum Tower
8 Tower of the Old Town Townhall
9 Powder Tower
10 St. Henry’s Tower
11 Žižkov Tower


PragueByKaty 100 Posts

Today I am going to celebrate. This post is my 100th one!

I started my blog more than one year ago, but I really started to blog in November last year. And now I have 100 posts and you are so nice that sometimes you read them, you take a look at the shots and you like my work. Big thanks to all of you. I really appreciate that I found brave followers, this post is shared with 629 of you and I am very happy for it.

To celebrate this moment I am opening my new blog: Fototoulky s Kateřinou, which is in Czech language, mainly about pictures from places I love.

My new blog: Fototoulky s Kateřina

My new blog: Fototoulky s Kateřinou

As the summer season is resembling, I know my blog activities will slow down a bit, as I won’t be much on internet and by the PC to be able to write that often. On the other hand I will try to make more pictures to share them with you when business slow down again :-). What is difficult for me is that I won’t be able to follow the brilliant blogs you write that often and I am afraid that I will miss your posts, but that’s the life.

It’s time to thank to bloggers who nominated me for nice awards.

Cheryl with here great Precarious blog and  How To Cross The Ocean nominated me for Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you both and I accept the nomination, the rules are following:

VIB award

1. Display the Award Logo on your Blog
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Okay, seven things about me:

1. I really enjoy blogging
2. I love travelling and guding
3. I love Prague
4. I would love to meet you in Prague
5. I need more sun that it was here in Prague last 3 months (they say just 20 hours of sun this winter )
6. I love my family and our dogs
7. I love meeting people

Check out my nominations below. They inspire me and I hope they inspire you as well!

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During my blogging I also particiated in gorgeous Junsjazz online magazin, I know everyone knows Junsjazz, just in case you are new here, his blogs are perfect!!

Junsjazz online magazin

The next award I was nominated for is the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers from Travel Oops, check this brilliant and funny blog here.

The rules for accepting the award are as follows:

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10 Questions to answer:

1. Your favourite color?  —  only one here? green, blue, pink and some others 🙂
2. Your favourite animal?  —  dogs, cats, gorillas
3. Your favourite drink?  — green tea
4. Facebook or Twitter?  — Facebook more
5. Your favourite pattern?  – small flowers
6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  – Giving is like getting to me
7. Your favourite number?  – 2
8. Favourite day of the week?  – When I am with my family
9. Favourite flower? – Poppies
10. What is your passion? – Travel, photography, design, meeting people

10 Sisterhood Nominations:
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A Word A Week Challenge – Action

A Word A Week Challenge for this week is Action. A few weeks before I wrote a post about the Czech tradition of going to the cottage for the weekend. I wrote about weekends that we spend with friends in the nature, at the Dashwood dorp on Kocába river. Today I show you how we spent the days there – playing volleyball, “nohejbal” (Czech speciality, similar to volleyball but played with your foots/legs and head).


Volleyball and “nohejbal” players


Ball players in Dashwood playground again

After the game you need to take a bath to wash away the dust or clay.

As a bonus I offer you also 2 pictures from Zakynthos and believe me, it’s me and my husband on it :-).


It really is my husband and me at Zakynthos island, Greece

Bonus number 2, me and my husband again, this time in aquapark in Nesebr in Bulgary.


Aquapark Nesebr, Bulgary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

When we travel, we do not go All Inclusive, as we spent most of the day travelling the country and not in the hotel complex by the pool or at the beach. Therefore, the All Inclusive would be unavailingly profligated. But for our honeymoon we found a newly opened hotel with very nice prices in Tunisia on Djerba island, so we enjoyed the All Inclusive programme there. See some shots from our lunchtime for Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime.

The offer was really huge and it was quite difficult to choose our dish.


Salat bar

Something lighter.


First courses

Our dishes through the week.


You think it is easy to go just for one style?

Moroccan theme lunch


Moroccan dishes

Something sweet.


Yes, I tasted it all … and it was delicious

And this was our most favorite drink, mint tea with pine seeds.


Tea with pine seeds – lovely

Travel theme: Green


Prague green detail from Spalena street

My most favorite color was always blue and then pink. But now greens start to take their position, mainly in respect of color of my clothing, but not only. Therefore,  Travel Theme: Green was not that difficult for me, as I have been trying to map the green color in Prague streets. I already showed you the “color of Prague” for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and green is the second one, see the result.
A few shots from Golden Lane, more can be seen here for Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details.


Golden Lane details in green


Prague houses, all the shades of green

_Prague_in_green_Little Quarter_lesser town

Little Quarter


Roofs, wine restaurant, green details

My new shoes for spring, hope it will come to Prague.


My new shoes

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