Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sunset to Sunrise


For this weeks CFFC I decided to share with you pictures taken through the week I have spent in Nice in February 2015. I was not able to get rid of one of the places in Nice and I was coming back there every evening to make a picture. More or less they look the same but as the sky was changing, the pictures vary.

I hope you will enjoy it as I did :-).





A Word A Week Challenge – Face

Lot of Faces for A Word A Week Challenge I found in a beautiful park in France, at the place called Clos Luce in the city of Amboise on Loire river. Leonardo da Vinci lived at the house and now you will find there his museum. Surrounding garden is very beautiful, with lots of devices invented by da Vinci, but also decorated with his works unusual way. Enjoy walking throug the park and meet some famous paintings.


Hidden in the trees

Famous faces.


Do you recognise them?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Escape from the rush of everyday live, in the heart of the metropole. People enjoying the day at the quay of Seine river in Paris.


Paris, quay of Seine, one summer day

A Word A Week Challenge – Dance

For A Word A Week Challenge – Dance I show you a few dances.

The first one is from Yemen: men in their traditional dresses with their traditional Janbiyas (arabic daggers) dancing in the feet of the beautiful Rock Palace close to Sana’a, Yemen.


Yemen dancers

And the musicians are here:

The second dancing on the street is from Saturday market at Rue de Mouffetard in Paris, one man, two ladies, two dances.


Dancers at Rue du Mouffetard, Paris

First dance:

Second dance:

The third dance is from Prague, gypsy song under the Charles bridge, during Carnival celebrations.

I like this post on the same topic:

Tvor travels

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

So many options for the Challenge: Home. Finally I decided to stay in Paris from tomorrow and go for the shot from Paris Gardens, specifically from the Jardin des Plantes, which are really beuatiful. On the shot you can see a special home for insects, different “appartments” for different insect kinds to fit their specific needs as best as possible. I really like it.


Home for flying insects

Check also this post of my beaufitulthing :-).

More from the Jardin des Plantes you can find here:




Travel theme: Gaudy

After going through my archives back and forth several times I decided to post only this one (double) shot of a dog who I met in Paris, at Montmartre. I think he fits the theme Gaudy perfectly :-).


Gaudy doggie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I was planning to show you some posts from light show in Blois, Renaissance castle on Loire river in France, when Weekly Photo Challenge topic: Illumination came and therefore I decided to join these topics.

Castle Blois – Château de Blois – is a Royal Castle and it is located in the Loire Valley, a tourist destination when coming to France. Castle itself was a residence of several French Kings, it is also the place connected with Joan of Arc. She came to the castle to be blessed here by the Archbishop of Reims, Blois is not far from Orléans. The Castle is located in the city center on the hill and it’s opened for tourists. Look at the castle’s most renowned feature, the spiral staircase.

Stariway during the day and different enlightening at the evening

Spiral staircase during the day and with different enlightening at the evening

After dark you can attend special light show at the courtyard. During the 45 minute-long show, the voices of Robert Hossein, Pierre Arditi, Fabrice Luchini recount the tales of love, drama, and mystery that occurred at the château according to a script written by the historian Alain Decaux. The show is unique in Europe. The original musical score is by Eric Demarsan and the stage production by André Blanc. (from Castle homepage)

Let’s start with an ordinary illumination, only one color, but I like it.

ezt etzj etz

Waiting for the show to begin

When the show starts, you can enjoy colorful play of lights on the castle’s wall, music and history. It starts with curtain that you can see bellow (top left).

Curtian goes down, and then fights, battles, monarch, revenge ... that's history

Curtian goes down, and then fights, battles, monarch, revenge … that’s history

It looks like it’s done from stained glass, doesn’t it?

ezjt etzj eztj

Cathedral window?

Intrigues and assasination.

rk uz ruzk ruzk


Black and white – beautiful combination.

tu ktzu kltzuk

Staircase again

And more show and history till the last curtain goes down (bottom right).

tu ltzuilt

Last curtain

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