Insta Friday: Ischia

Beautiful island with lot o spas. After seeing the movie Avanti, which was partially filmed at the Island and it takes place there, I had to visit this place. I already did twice and I really love it. Today it is here for my Insta Friday.


Insta Friday: Rome

Trip across the borders in todays Insta Friday. Visit to the eternal city of Rome, the main sites and ice cream :-).

San Gimignano

Another my post in Czech language, mostly pictures from beautiful city San Gimignano in Tuscany in  Italy, where movie Tea with Mussollini was also taken. Love its huge towers, hidden streets, lovely wine and tasty olive oil 🙂 .

via San Gimignano.

Cinque Terre

Please find my post about Cinque Terre. Lots of shots and a few words about the area in Czech. I hope you will enjoy it.

Cinque Terre.

A Word A Week Challenge – Old

What can be older then the eternal city of Rome? Enjoy instagram shots from this city for A Word A Week Challenge – Old.

Travel theme: Mountains

I am not that much a “mountain woman”, but I have some nice shots from the Alps in Italy and I will share them with you for the Travel theme: Mountains. In case I would ski, I would definitelly go to this place for skiing and not just for enjoying the sun and sceneries at the mountains. But enjoying is also a big fun :-).


Corvara Boe


Porta Vescovo Arabba

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Island

For A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Island I chose colorful Italian island Burano. It is placed in Venetian Lagoon and you can easily reach it from Venice with the vaporetto.


Venetian Lagoon Map

Or you can come there over the bridge, which was our first choice. We came to Burano from even smaller island Mazzorbo, where in fact was nothing much touristic but port and beautiful houses.


Bridge from Mazzorbo

Burano is very famous for laces and the first shop is close to the port and bridge as well.


Burano laces

Specailly in Italy and Venice I love to take pictures of laundry. All the white or colorfull dresses and fabrics on the sun makes the buidlings living and warm.


Burano laundry

Burano houses are sooooooooooooo colorful. In fact when the owner wants to paint the house, he must ask government and he recevies the “approved” list of colors for his spot :-).


Burano houses


Burano street

We came to Burano from Murano, another small island on Venetian Lagoon. Murano is more like a small Venice and it is full of glass factories and glass shops. Maybe you have heard the term “Murano glass”.


Murano glass sweets in glass shop in Burano

After walking through the colorful island, wandering along the channels, over bridges, taking Italian coffee … time to leave with vaporetto to another place at this beautiful archipelago.


Burano port


Burano Map


Burano doors

Travel theme: Shadows


Venice, San Marco Square, typical pidgeons there

When you travel alone or in pair, it is very difficult to get a picture with yourself or with the two of you, specially at deserted places as desert, hidden garden, private beach. Therefore we took pictures of our shadows and now I can show you these shots for Travel Theme: Shadows.

Next 3 shot-galleries are from our honeymoon in Djerba, Tunis. OMG we were so young :-).


At the hotel garden, Djerba


First one from aligator farm, the others from the travelling through the desert to see the Tunisian inland


Mediterranean Sea, clean and green, Djerba


Adriatic Sea, Italy


Trier, Germany, Kurfürstliches Palastgarten

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This week’s Photo Challenge Unique reminded me one funny story that happened in 2007 and we still use it as our family fun. I want to share it with you.
It was our first family trip with tent and car and we chose Italy because of the food and nice architecture. We went throught the whole country down on eastern side, up on western side. One of our most favorite places became Apulia, the heel of Italian shoe. One of the places you cannot miss there is Alberobello, town written in UNESCO’s World Heritage List for its unique and beautiful buildings called “trulli“.


Trullo hidden between houses

When we came to Alberobello, we supposed there will be trullo everywhere. To our surprise, we were not able to find anyone. And then we saw it: arrow – SENSO UNICO! We don’t speak Italian but the message was clear. This points somewhere where something Unique (UNICO) and Sensation (SENSO) is, my husband supposed that UNICO stands for UNESCO.


We found it! “Senso Unico” is this way!

We followed the arrow, then we have parked the car and then we followed the arrows by walk. There were a lot of them and always we found one small trullo in between houses, so we were right. It was a little bit strange that the number of trulli was so small, most of them were used as storages but we were also invited in by one kind lady, and it was a laundry with washing machine, nothing really much touristic. Small disappointment. Finally we found a special trulli house / museum, which we visited. And then, from the higher window of this house, we saw it. Hundreds of trulli, just at the opposite site of the city. We went there and we were amazed by the beautiful white city. Later we also found out the meaning of SENSO UNICO, it’s ONE-WAY ROAD. But for us, SENSO UNICO is something Unique and Sensational, preferrably under UNESCO protection :-).


And there it was, roofs and roofs and roofs


Walking on the streets


Details and roof magic signs


Church with “spires”

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal

Hint, hint!

Hint, hint!

Few years ago I was in Italy, in Venice. I fall in love with the city, I spent four whole days wandering through the small streets and canals, exploring hidden yards and passages. I was also collecting photos of objects and situations that seemed to me to be interesting. And now it’s the right time to show you one of the collections, which is called Bars and Grids of Venice, for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal.

SMaller grids

Smaller grids

"Flower" bars

“Flower” bars



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