Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Behind the waterfall

Almost by coincidence it happend that I had a chance to visit Plitvice lakes, beautiful National Park in Croatia. You know, every visitor of Croatia talked about it, it is a must see and so on and so on. But I was not really that much interested in it, and when I was told I am going there, I was even a bit disappointed. Now I think that maybe it is the best feeling for coming somewhere (anywhere), because then you enjoy the place more then with having high expectation. In fact the place is really beautiful and breathtaking. Fortunatelly we had nice weather as well :-).

Wooden path

Beautiful color of water

Plitvice National Park was established in 1949 and it covers about 300 km2 of natural splendor. The park is on the UNESCO World Heritage List from 1979 in recognition of its “outstanding natural beauty and undisturbed production of travertine (tufa) through chemical and biological action”. It includes 16 lakes with crystal clear and turquoise water in forested mountain area, about 140 waterfalls are created when water decants from lake to lake. The underwater life is very rich and the depths of the lakes in unbelievable.

Guards of the silver treasury

Visitor are walking on nice path in the forest or on wooden paths above the water.

Look at the hole down left, where all the water is going … and then behind the edge is the waterfall

The only think that annoyed me were people around me, so getting a picture without a person was almost superhuman achievement.

And I think we were the lucky ones, as season is at the end and the crowds were not that big. But mostly I was fascinated by the life under water and the depths of the lakes, as it was quickly descending from the bench down there … somewhere … Australia maybe?

About Plitvice I have to mention also the name of Winnetou, the most famous Indian brother we Europeans have. He was a part of our childhood and the movies with him were partly filmed at Plitvice lakes. I think I have to watch them again, because I don’t remember the sceneries well … :-).

So enjoy the pictures, but better go to Croatia and see it on your own.

From the bench


Glittering sun


Tree bellow the water table

Underwater flora

Walking path


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