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There were two months without a sign of sun and finally the sun has come to Prague this weekend and now it shines strongly through my window. And I can’t think about any other place but South Bohemia and I hope I will get there asap with my family. Therefore, for Travel Theme: Roads I take you there again, like in my previous post for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors. South Bohemia has very fresh air, beautiful nature, colorful towns (yes, I wrote about it last time, I am  just full of it…). Look at the roads in woods and fields there.


Roads of South Bohemia

In the Rainbow post I invited you to take a walk around Golden Canal in Třeboň, here you have a picture how it looks there.


Walk around Golden Canal in Třeboň

The orientation in the nature is simple here, you just follow the touristic signs.


Tourist walk signs in Czech Republic

Another nice walk – combination of city and nature walk is around Vltava river in Český Krumlov, you can also go by boat there.


Walk around Vltava river on Český Krunmlov

For another theme Industrial I took you to the tour through breweries, and one of them was Platan (=plane-tree in English) brewery, named after plane-tree alley. This alley leads to the brewery premises, here is the picture of this beautiful place located in town Protivín.


Plane-tree alley, view from the brewery gate


Weekly Image Of Life: Event

Geocaching map

Geocaching map, click for bigger

For Weekly Image Of Life: Event I will take you geocaching. Who haven’t heard about geocaching yet, to be very simple, it is looking for boxes (from the very small tiny ones to big big ones) in the country or in the city using your GPS device. There are several types of caches, some of them are more virtual than real boxes. And we will talk about one of these, namely about Events.

Taken from An Event Cache is a gathering of local geocachers or geocaching organizations to discuss geocaching. The Event Cache page specifies a time for the event and provides coordinates to its location. After the event, the cache is archived.

Cachers community in Prague and in Czech Republic is quite big and events are great opportunities to meet people and share fun. Look at the following maps. The first one is a single map of Prague, the second one is a map with geocaches on it (the smilies are my finds), the third one is just a filter for event caches. Quite a lot for our city :-).

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A lot of events last year happened in February 29, as 2012 was a LEAP year, only once in four years you can do geocaching on Feb 29, therefore it was full of events. We already started at the first minutes of the day at the Old Town square.


Crowds at the midnight in Prague Old Town

I will skip some other events that day (like meeting at the altitude of 366 meters above see level, meeting at the end stop of the bus number 366, meeting at the coords ending 366,366) and will show you shots from event: Travelling by bus number 292 (29.2. = Feb 29). The bus normally is almost empty, just a few people, and that day? Why was everyone taking the picture of the bus?


Just a few cachers in the bus, as it is small, others waiting at the final stop

Old Town square again, St. Patrick’s day and bunch of lunatics all dressed and colored in green :-).


St. Patrick’s event in Prague Old Town

I would love to know how many people know what to celebrate on May 25, but I believe all readers of Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would know we celebrate the Towel day. Everyone must have his towel.


Towel day at the stairs of Rudolfinum

One morning geocachers decided to find out if there would be enough tomfools coming very early in the morning to the Charles bridge to make a living chain over it. The lenght of the bridge is about 1969 ft (600 m). Yes, we did it, view from above and also video you can check here.


“Building” the chain

After participating in the other owners events we connected our travelling with meeting people in our holidays destinations, very nice way how to meet local people and share your hobby with them.


Event at Jurmala beach (Latvia), at the Tallinn old town (Estonia) and in republic Užupis (Lithuania)

And after this success we organized Czech Christmas at Slussen in Stockholm (Sweden), also with Swedish Christmas Carol.


Event at Slussen

One of the nicest events in Prague happens every year before Christmas and more then 800 people are attending this MEGA event – Christmas Nutshells – Czech traditionally sending nutshells with candle on the water.


Bellow the Charles bridge, Čertovka channel with nutshell boats with candles

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