Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

During my recent visit of winter Stockholm I wanted to enjoy the trip as much as possible. So I decided to look at everything like a child, like I see it for the first time and everything surprised me. Now I will share some of my surprises with you, according to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

It already started in the airplane, where we met another plane above the clouds, and we had to cross our journeys, so the other airplane had to descend a bit and then it went close under us.

Finnair below our plain

Finnair below our plain

The other surprise was, how soon there is a dark in winter and how much snow lays on the streets of the city (yes, we also had some snow in Prague, but there was much more). I believe that I was not the only one suprprised by this, as you can see from the next picture.

Bikes covered with snow

Bikes covered with snow

Another big but nice shock came when we entered the subway. I have heard that Stockholm has nice subway stations, but this one really surprised me, nothing special on the ground, but down there was an art gallery.

Kusträdgården subway station in Stockholm

Kusträdgården subway station in Stockholm

Within our trip we visited a lot of museums, and one was the museum of Vasa ship, the warship, that sank on her very first voyage just a few feets from the harbour. 333 years later it was taken from the water and now you can see it in the museum. Vasa brought lots of surprises, first the unexpected sinking and then the almost intact state in which it was taken from the water.

Vasa ship

Vasa ship

And very close to Vasa Museum there are another museums, Junibacken at one side, I wrote about this one at my previous post, and Spiritmuseum on the other. Spiritmuseum is quite small, it has very nice exposition of Absolut Art Gallery (I always loved the Absolut commercials). You can enjoy here a quiz: in which movie which spirit played it’s role (“shake don’t stir”), and also the room which will show you the morning of drunken man on screen. But what surprised me most were “smelling” machines, where you can “pump” and smell the ingrediences of spirits, enjoy the smells of herbs, fruits, but also spirits itself.

Smelling machine in Spirit museum

Smelling machine in Spirit museum


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