CTU’s Rector Inauguration

CTU stands for the Czech Technical University in Prague (in Czech we call it ČVUT) founded 1707 being the oldest non-military technical university in Europe and every forth year it chooses its head. We call him (or her) rector. University has 8 faculties, and their heads are called deans. And when the new rector is elected, there must be some celebration and official inauguration.

The best place for such an occasion is of course the ceremonial hall of CTU, that can be found in quite important and historic building, which is the Bethlehem Chapel. Historically it is known as the oldest reform church, where Jan Hus used to preach (BTW Jan Hus served as rector of the University of Prague, now known as Charles University, in 1402–03).

Bethlehem Chapel.

The entrance hall.

The interior of the chapel is quite pure, just paintings on the walls and Hussite chorals, meanwhile everything is ready for the celebration.

In a moment the chapel is filled with people and with the beginning of the ceremony the “university people” are coming in their wonderful gowns. Members of the scientific board, senators of academic senate, deans in chains and their beadles with wonderful scepters. Invited rectors of other Czech Universities, and finally heads of the faculty senates and the head of the academic senates, behind them the old (emeritus) and new rector.

After speeches the new rector gets the golden chain, it is real gold, being brought from the safe in Czech National Bank just for this occasion.

The head of Academic senate giving the speech…

… and the chain to the new rector.

More speeches are on the scene, newly appointed and elected deans of 4 faculties get their chains, and the ceremony is over. All the people in given order are leaving the space to go the crypt of the chapel (its the same place, where Christmas exhibition took place in December) for refreshment. It lasted a bit more than 2 hours.

University scepter.

And the scepters of 8 faculties:

New rector with student members of Academic senate.

Choco Cafe by A Red Chair.

After the ceremony and refreshment I make some pictures in front of the chapel and the I go to my favorite Choco Cafe. They have wonderful rich chocolate and my favorite is hot peach with mint leaves, but today I take coffee and after I warm up I go for a little walk around the hidden streets of the Old Town.

Used to be a museum of old postcard.

Lot of chocolate.

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  1. 🌺 Smile 🌺
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 00:11:04

    Dear friend what an informative post about the university. Video shows and says all. The traditions are really wonderful, history pages are so colourful . I browse you tube and Google for more info to read. Its a fun to know so many things about this oldest university. On WP this is a cool post for today. I loved it much.

    From Hong Kong with Smiles. Cheers


  2. PragueByKaty
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 07:37:10

    Thank you :-).


  3. pedmar10
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 19:07:51

    Hi really nice post. I have been twice to Prague yeah!! thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers


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