Colors of Baltic States

Baltic states – Estonia, Lavia and Lithuania – are three small countries in North East Europe and are on my Top List of Favorite Places, where I was and enjoyed it there a lot. Even though the history of these countries is very similar, they are not the same and every one of them has its stunning beauty.

Tallinn garden festival in the park behind the walls of the old city, Estonia

From Estonia I will choose colors, flowers, Lahemaa national park, medievel hansa city Tallinn and summer town Parnu. In Latvia I like to swim (more precisely walking in the water, as it is rather shallow) in Jurmala, the kitchen is the best here, valley of Gauja river is beautiful and adventure as well, walks in Riga’s park are nice. In Lithuania you can’t miss baroque capital Vilnius with independent Uzupis distric, lakes are so beautiful in Aukstaitia, Palanga beach and park are must see, dunas and sea at Neringa (Curonian split) can’t be miss.

Colorful house and small garden in Juodkrante, Neringa, Lithuania

July’s looong sunny days offer us the best opportunity to enjoy the places around. What I love in Baltics are the colors on the streets and all the details. Flowers markets there are the nicest I have ever seen and traditional handcraft works are so beautiful.

Flower market at Central Market in Riga, Latvia

When you are in Latvia, tasting auksta zupe (cold soup) is so refreshing, that you can easily became addicted to it, so when you come to Lithuania you are immediately going for saltibarscaj, which is not the same but pretty close, served with potatoes.

Saltibarscai, beetroot cold soup with cream, how served in Rumsiskes, Open-air museum in Lithuania

There you will learn that black and grey are also colors and not mistakes on the color chart.

Black swan on the pond in city park in Cesis, Latvia, there is a pair of them and they had a small baby this summer

Flax jumpers and wool socks, grey is just perfect there

But when you don’t like it, you can choose from all the colors of the world

Socks stall in Central Market in Riga, Latvia

Hats in all shapes and colors at town hall square market in Tallin, Estonia; even more can be found in Lithuanian markets

Flax jumpers both in Tallinn and Vilnius (cheaper there !)

Very close to the old town of Tallinn there is a big ship harbour for ferries to all around the Baltic sea, very crowdy but nice place.

Naval flags in Tallinn harbour, Estonia

Our hostel in harbour was colorful as well

Visiting summer cities like Parnu (Estonia) or Palanga (Lithuania) or Ventspils (Latvia) is perfect chance to spent some time by the sea at the beach, that is pretty close to forest. The cities are colorful, but you can always find a quiet place for coffee, just sit there and enjoy the air.

At the small park cafe in Parnu, Estonia

Wooden weather vanes are in nice colors and shapes, mainly in Nida, but also in Juodkrante, beautiful village at Curonian Split

Braided trees in Tartu, Estonia, but also in Vilnius, Riga and other cities

The best time for visiting is July, but I believe autumn colors must be perfect specially in national parks as Lahemaa in the north Estonia or in Aukstaitia in Lithuania as well as in Gauja park in Latvia.

The winter would be also nice, but the days are very short there, to feel warm and cozy you can choose from many jersey’s designs in Tallinn. Also trees are protected against the cold carefully :-).

But in fact it doesn’t matter which time of the year you will choose for your visit, as long you are dressed well and you travel with opened eyes and opened heart, in Baltic states you won’t be disappointed.

Jersey at the wool market bellow the old ramparts in Tallinn, Estonia


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  1. Lynne Ayers
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 17:18:05

    We are cruising in early May 2013 and Tallinn is one of our ports – when one only has a few hours (I know, not possible to do it justice – it’s only meant to give us a taste) – with only a few hours, any tips on where we should direct our time?


    • PragueByKaty
      Nov 27, 2012 @ 19:33:07

      I gues that you will have a guide from the boat for the city, so they will show you it all. Just in case that you will do the sightseeing on your own: the port is almost in the city center, so everything is simple. From port go to the gate called Fat Margareta around Three Sisters (building/hotel), take a view from St Olaf (the highest tower with beautiful view to the city center and port) then you go to the main square and up to the Toompea hill (the only hill there). Do not miss Alexandr Nevsky orthodox church and then view from the hill back to the city center and port. Back around the main squaer you should visit old Apothek, beautiful medievel pub in tha Townhall. Then to the West to see ramparts with stalls with wool and my favorite flowers market … Then there are nice places to see a bit further from the center. If you want, send me an email I will send you picture map with some hints back. You will see Riga and Helsinki and Stockholm or Klaipeda as well?


      • Lynne Ayers
        Nov 27, 2012 @ 19:46:29

        This is great Katy – we will likely setting about on our own in Tallinn so that is fabulous – our own little tour. I feel like I should be paying you – Thank you 🙂

  2. Lynne Ayers
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 20:20:26

    Our ports of call will be Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Visby (Sweden) – no Helsinki 😦 – where is Klaipeda?


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