Olomouc Art Nouveau

Olomouc center at one sight

Olomouc is a city in north Moravia with about 100 000 inhabitants. Throughout centuries Olomouc fought with Brno (in South Moravia) to be the center of Moravian region in medieval ages. Despite the fact that Olomouc was mostly losing and nowadays Brno is the administrative center of Morava, there were moments of high importance for Czech kingdom history that took place in Olomouc. Like:

Assassination of Bohemian king Vaclav III in Olomouc in 1306 resulted in dying out in male tail for Premyslid dynasty, first ruling dynasty in Bohemia that were on the throne for 400 years. In 1479 there was agreed that Bohemia will have two kings – Vladislav Jagellonsky in the West and Matyas Corvin in the East, 1573 the second biggest university (after Charles university in Prague) was founded in Olomouc.

New building of Olomouc unversity

Bezruč’s gardens bellow the Old Town walls.

Today you can meet lots of students here as well as enjoy quiet narrow streets and park bellow the walls of the Old Town, specially during chilly foggy autumn days :-). For summer days there are beautiful stone fountains around the city, to refresh the air.

One of Olomouc’s landmarks is written in UNESCO World Heritage List from the year 2000. It is the Holy Trinity Column, baroque monument built in 18th century as a celebration of Catholic faith and also by feeling gratitude of surviving the plague epidemic. It is the biggest Baroque sculptural group in Czech Republic.

Holy Trinity Column with Townhall at the back, Astronomical clock on the townhall can be also seen

But what I really like in Olomouc today, are the art nouveau buildings with lot of colorful details around the main square.

Gold mosaic windows

Bubble boy

Glass-metal protections from weather moods

My favorite – girl photographer, see the detail on the right

The most beutiful art nouveau sight in the city is Villa Primavesi, where Gustav Klimt came for visit and today you can find cozy restaurant with great dishes there.

Villa Primavesi Art Nouveau details

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