Unexpected views to Prague (1)

The most famous views to Prague are around Prague Castle and from Strahov Monastery. And believe me, that they are really very nice. But there are more places, from where you can have unexpected views that are worth seeing.

View from Strahov, Vitkov hill is in the mist.

Do you know where you should see the third biggest equestrian statue in Europe? It is in Prague quarter Zizkov at Vitkov hill. For one year the statue was hidden due to restorations but this week it was uncovered again. Now you can enjoy Jan Žižka, the hussites Marshal, who won the battle on Vitkov hill in 1420 against the troops of emperor Zikmund the Red Fox. Hussites knocked down crusaders and now there is the statue of their Marshall. Behind the statue there is a huge Vitkov Memorial that used to be a mausoleum of our communist rulers (they wanted to be like Lenin). Now there is a Memorial to Unknown Soldier and exposition of Czech/Czechoslovak statehood crossroads, like Czechoslovak republic foundation in 1918, München treaty from 1938, communistic coup from 1948, invasion of Warsaw treaty armies in 1968 and newer history.

Climbing the Vitkov Hill. But yes, you can get there from the other side with a tram.

But we are here to enjoy one of the nicest views to Prague from the platform of the Memorial. Your first view will be oriented to the city center and Prague area. In one view you can see Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral, Strahov monastery on the left side , down in the City the Green Roofs of St. Nicolas Church at Lesser Quarter (the one with a big balloon on right side), Old Town hall Tower, Tyn Cathedral by the Old Town Square and also the Powder Tower and Municipal house down on your left. Almost on the horizon there is a big complex of hotel Praha.

Best Of Prague View

On the other side you see the roofs of Zizkov Quarter with Radio tower (another nice view from there) with babies climbing it. You can see the babies also in the Kampa Park, see how big they are from the hand.

Zizkov Roofs and Hand in a grass

The next picture shows us the Troja and Bohnice (north Prague) direction with the beautiful Congress Palace right bottom, where also the amusement park is and in the middle the botanical garden with vineyards – the nice small shining church with red roof in the top of vineyards.

Troja View

Yes and from here, bellow the big houses on right horizon, there is another beautiful view to Prague, which is on my list of unexpected views.

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